A New Chapter

My journey started on the 15th of February – I took an airplane to the other side of the world, without knowing what’s expecting me there and that it was going to turn my life upside down. I barely made any plans for the future and allowed myself to go with the flow of life and take things as they come. It may seem crazy to some of you, but for me it was the most reasonable thing to do. I always knew that my future would take place somewhere other than Germany – somewhere where the sun brightens up the day and the ocean meets the sky.

After graduation I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities of life and the pressure of making the ‘right’ choices. Especially in regards to the question of which career path to take, because it seemed so irreversible.

It was certain that there was more to life than settling down for a life that I didn’t love and work in a job that I didn’t enjoy doing. I didn’t want to lose myself in the routine of the same actions every single day. What good would anything be if I lost myself in the attempt to achieve the image of success that our society has?

So I had to escape and follow my passion to travel the world, experience life to the fullest and grow.

In Australia my new chapter began and I’ve left all my bad habits and the past behind to recreate myself from the vision in my head. On my blog you will be able to follow me around…

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