What if today was your last day?

“The wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard, because in the graveyard we will find inventions that we were never exposed to, ideas, dreams that never became a reality, hope and aspiration that were never acted upon.” – Les Brown

On the airplane I’ve thought about my own death for the very first time and the past years came passing through my eyes – my bad habit of poseponing things became my nightmare.

I knew what I wanted and how to achieve it, because I spent hours and hours thinking about it. But it didn’t mean that I was any closer to my goals than before, after all they are just some notes on a paper which only come to life through action.

I asked myself if I would be satisfied with the efford I putted into making my dreams reality and the answer was so clear – No. I would be remembered differently than my true self, because I didn’t live authentically.

The thought of it scared me so much that a necessary change in my behavior was undenialable. I have to give my all every moment and take action now, because there is no guarentee for the future.

Once we realise this, we start to live differently. We begin to act upon our full potential. We create gratitude for simply being alive. We appreciate the relationships in our lives, since we never know when is the last time we can show our valuedation to them.

Try to avoid the trap to think we have forever or something to lose, then release the fear of failure and rejection.

Your life is a message to the world, what do you want it to say?

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