Let’s take this road and call it home

Lately I’ve tried very hard to find the ‘right’ path for me by waiting for signs about important life decisions and searching for logical reasons to support my choices.

I didn’t want to be in a relationship, because I don’t know God’s plan A – I was afraid to miss out on the person He intended for me, because I settled down only for comfort and eventually find out that a better life was meant for me, which I will never be able to experience.

I was moving back and forth with choosing my career path, because of my interest in many different fields. Besides I tried to figure out what role money plays in my life as material possessions could never satisfy my desire for lasting fulfillment. However spending money on experiences (for example traveling) is a good investment, since your life will be marked with beautiful stories and amazing people. Also it would be easier without the constant need to worry about money – specially after seeing the high university fees here in Australia.

The most absurd question I asked myself was “Where should I live?”. There are numerous options and I thought that each one lead me to another path. But maybe that’s not how life works…

Maybe we’re always on the right path – whatever’s happening is supposed to happen and whatever path I am heading down is the path I’m supposed to be on. The lessons we have to learn in order to grow are everywhere and we will encounter them one way or the other. If it weren’t supposed to happen, it wouldn’t be happening, right?

However that doesn’t mean we have to relinquish all control when it comes to our lives – We have to listen to what we know instinctively. If we’re too afraid to take any step at all, because the fear of taking responsibility of the consequences, then we’re standing still meanwhile life continually moves. Isn’t our time more precious than this?

We’re not able to predict the future; unexpected opportunities accure, we change and so do circumstances. Then why do we try to make a decision for our future self?

Remember that your present situation is not yout final destination, you are able to change the direction when it doesn’t feel right to your heart. Trust yourself.

Have faith that your life is unfolding as it should, then you can appreciate the road down which you’re traveling and eventually you will let go of events that happend in the past.

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