Breaking Free from my Paralysis

Most of you don’t know that I was a huge geek in my teens, because it happened behind the scenes. I spent countless hours collecting achievements, building a reputation, improving my gear and my player performance. After years I started to see that everything is just one click away from non-existence – What would I be left with?

Back then it was almost nothing. Most of my leisure time I spent stimulated in video games, that it didn’t leave much space to pursue different things. I was caught up in the virtual world and my school performance decreased, as I didn’t study hard enough; my relationships suffered, since I didn’t give much attention to them. I didn’t know how to maintain a healthy balance nor the value of time. It took a very painful fall to open my eyes and break free from the paralysis that I was in – I didn’t pass my final exam and had to redo another year of school. It’s been the biggest setback I’ve experienced and there was only me to blame.

I started to ask myself what is truly important to me and soon I recognized that I am on a path, which didn’t lead me towards my goals. It clearly wasn’t who I wanted to be in the future and it requiered a change in order for me to get there. It was difficult to give up video games, since I invested so much time on them it’s been a big part of my life at that time. But with a vision in my mind and the immediate improvement of my life circumstances that I saw, it became easier.

I transformed my enjoyments into the real world – meeting people from different countries; creating a continuous stream of challenging situations, collecting the achievements of mastering them and the satisfaction it brings me; improving different aspects of my life and the feeling of success it comes with.

Nowadays I still enjoy playing video games once in a while – They’re made for entertainment purposes after all, but now I made my priorities clear: I’m not willing to let life just pass me by without experiencing it.

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